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Yaqeen Sikander

Psychotherapist | Wellness Consultant | Empowerment Coach

"Humans beings have an enormous potential to excel and if we just realize a portion of it, we will surprise ourselves. Yes, there is suffering but there is healing too. There is trauma and then there is resilience. Human narratives are powerful - let's begin to write our own stories by delving deep in our rich inner worlds..."


Yaqeen Sikander is internationally recognized for his amazing ability to bring principles of psychology, spirituality, philosophy and research into practical strategies that accelerate performance, success and empowerment. As a psychotherapist and a wellness consultant, he trains and coaches leaders and teams ranging from universities and start-ups to multi-million-dollar businesses in transformational leadership, visioning, organizational culture, mental health, well-being, and employee assistance programs to inspire positive change and create value that leads to empowered organizations with greater performance and engagement.

As a Psychotherapist & Clinical Psychologist, Yaqeen trained in Malaysia, Germany, Turkey & India to develop people-centric interventions that boost individual and organizational success & well-being. He is a passionate advocate of mental health and wellness in workplaces and specializes in psychotherapy, psychometric testing, employee wellness, peak-performance, stress management & self-care development.

Yaqeen has widely travelled to more than 35 countries in the last 5 years to deliver keynotes, workshops, lectures, and training. He is an excellent storyteller and a polyglot who speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Kashmiri, Arabic & a bit of Malay & German too. He is a published author and poet who also actively participates in non-profit, peace-building and conflict-resolution programs. Yaqeen is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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